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Plant Parliament
The Dark Reaction
Golden Standard
A Queer History of Haninge
Møn Land Reform
Revenge of the Crystals
Model Society
Communities of Desire
Garden of Commons
Plant Nursery
Imaginistic Welfare Institute
Hallucinogenic Parks
Migrating Gardens
Hans Blix' Glasses
SOUP Rooftop Garden
Free Soil Bus Tour
Public Air Quality Indicator

Walking Distance/ Gåafstand
Field Work
Free Soil

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Teaching CV
Currently employed at:
Previously employed at :
Kunsthøjskolen in Holbæk (2010-)
The Faculty of Life Science, University of Copenhagen, teaching art and landscape architecture (2007-2008)
2014 Talk at the Royal College of Art, London 
Review panel at the Bahaus School, Dessau, (postgraduate)

Member of Appraisal committee for artistic research at the Oslo National Academy of the Arts. (PH.d. level)
Talk at Social Context conference, Dubrovnik, Croatia
Pedagogical Research project: Sxærm, supported by
2013 Social Context, Copenhagen University, talk with Publik, Copenhagen
Talk at Kunsthall C, Stockholm, Sweden
Host for the seminar: Reform, Helle Godtvedskolen, Copenhagen
2011 Guest teacher at Bergen Academy of fine arts. (N)
Talk at Landmark, Bergen (N)
Scandinavian seminar for independent art producers in public space, co-organized with at Kunsthøjskolen I Holbæk.

Architecture for Animals
Make a building for an animal or insect that lives here.
Make initial research about its behavior etc.
Build it
in scale 1:1 and consider a placement .
Test it.

BIOPOLIS projects trends in the present to the near future where 75%of the worlds population lives in cities.
Cities become organisms partially out of human control taking on lives on their own. A curated exhibition.
Press release (in Danish)

The assignment was the quote above, by Giorgio Agamben.
Press release (In Danish)
2010 Teacher at Kunsthøjskolen in Holbæk
Workshop at The international Academy of art, Palestine
Vitopia workshop and exhibition with high school students, at 
Brænderigården, Viborg
Talk at Kunsthøjskolen in Holbæk
2009 Teaching at the Ærø Kunsthøjskole (DK)
2008 Talk Sørfinnset School, Nordland art project, (N)
Talk at Instant Herlev, Herlev, Copenhagen (DK)
Talk at Grassroots, Art and Ecology, Kiasma, Helsinki (FI)
Presentation at Science for Life, Copenhagen University (DK)
Talk at Copenhagen International Theater (KIT) (DK)
Talk at Broom, Raca, Copenhagen (DK)
Guest Professor at The Faculty of Life Science (KVL) Copenhagen (DK)
Teaching at the Ærø Kunsthøjskole (DK)
2007 Guest Professor at The Faculty of Life Science (KVL) Copenhagen
Workshop at foundation course at The Royal Danish Academy of Arts
Public Address, organized w Katarina Stenbeck and Gregory Sholette, New York
Workshop: Sparwasser, Berlin
Workshop at the technical school of Copenhagen
Talk at University of Birmingham (UK)
Talk at Trondheim University (N)
Talk at The Royal Danish Academy of Arts, (DK)
2006 Lecture and workshop at The Jutland Academy of Fine Arts
Lecture at The Sociological department, University of Copenhagen
Lecture at The Technical University of Copenhagen
“Talk Talk” publik, at Overgaden - institute for contemporary art, Copenhagen
Talk, Future Forecast conference 2006, University of the Arts London
Talk, Dialogues of winter, discourses of spring, Sparwasser HQ, Berlin
Omgang med tingene, “hånd i hånd” Workshop on a recycle station, Nakskov
2005 New genre public art and gaming, Esbjerg Museum of Fine Art
Panel Talk, City Rumble, kunst, intervention og kritisk offentlighed, Overgaden
Art in public spaces, Architecture School of Copenhagen, department D
New genre public art and gaming, Esbjerg Statsskole (highschool), Esbjerg DK
“Omgang med tingene” a workshop on globalization, The technical school of Cph
2004 Seminar on Mobile phones w Fee Pumley (UK), Fast video, Copenhagen (DK)
Teenage mobile phone workshop, ISEA 2004 (Fi)*
Panel debate on the “Monument” exhibition, Main Library Copenhagen*
Præsentation, Teenage mobile phone workshop/ fælles grønt byrum ISEA 2004, KIASMA (Fi)*
Open Source and communal city space, RAM 5, Riga, Latvia*
2002 Talk: “Queer parks and selforganized community gardens” Nørrebroparken, Project group Stadtflur

All assignments from:
Architecture at Kunsthøjskolen in Holbæk.