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A variety of indicators

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indikator 2
Ball shaped indicator can be read from all sides and has a high visibility from bike lane and road. It can be supplemented with text in the lamppost or tree from which it is hanging.

Three day forecast sign can be placed in more places in the city displaying local levels of pollution for the individual street.

skilt 2
Layout examples for LED based signs
-levels for; today, tomorrow, in two day

indikator 3
This model is based on mobility and high visibility. It can be placed on the most trafficked streets for example Nørrebrogade/ Jagtvej where approximately 20.000 bikers pass a day. No permit is needed, it is simply locked to the place with a regular bikelock. It takes an open wireless network in the vicinity.

Indicator on the City Hall in Copenhagen. This indicator is integrated in the existing architecture in a window to the street on the second floor of the building. A motor opens and closes the window according to the level of pollution (closed=high level of pollution). Pollution data is taken from the internet. The colored sign is made of plywood indicating the pollution levels as the window points to them. The indicator installs a ventilation between the political and the public space.
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