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Public Air Quality Indicator
The purpose of the project is to develop a prototype for a Public Air Quality Indicator. The Indicator is to be placed in the city to make existing  information on air quality and pollution levels accessible and give information that is specific to the location in which it is placed.

The indicator is based on existing and proven methods of measuring and calculating pollution levels. It is updated 4 times a day. Air quality is one of the most important elements in our daily environment, but as it consists of microscopic particles and carbon-oxides, it is not obvious for us to sense it or take adeqaute measures against it.

Environmental zones in the city that limit traffic, better public transport and especially particle filters for diesel cars and vans are just some of the measures that could increase the air quality of city centers. By large this necessitates a rethinking of how we plan cities and use energy and resources.

The Project is a collaboration between Jørgen Brandt, senior scientist at the National Environmental Research Institute who has developed the pollution calculation models on which the indicator is based, and visual artist Nis Rømer, working with art in public spaces.

See images of the final indicator installed on the Copenhagen City Hall click here