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Rooftop Garden (2008)
Sculpture in public space at "Urbanplanen", Amager, Copenhagen, Denmark.
In collaboration with the architect Carsten Hoff for the project SOUP.

On top of the former supermarket we built a rooftop garden with useful plants. The garden served as a landmark for the project and was simultaneously at odds with the slightly rigid architecture that characterized the original plan. The garden consisted of 100 meters of hanging garden in an open greenhouse with a hand pump driven irrigation system. The plants was a mixture of herbs and vegetables and thus a producing local resource. The garden was planted and harvested together with residents and relates to the local tradition of gardening and community gardens, that goes back 30 years in
in Urbanplanen.

Kids playing in the garden. Photo;
Malene Nors Tardrup

The Irrigation system worked by reversed gutters. The water was collected from the building and pumped around in the gutters that had small holes in them so it started an artificial rain all over the garden. The pumping was done by the users and visitors and was good fun.
Photo; Malene Nors Tardrup

Photo; Malene Nors Tardrup

Photo; Malene Nors Tardrup

Photo; Malene Nors Tardrup 

Collage: Nis Rømer. Photo; Malene Nors Tardrup and Nis Rømer.